Community Service Projects
Riley Children's Hospital This is a cause Kiwanis as a state has always contributed too. We've donated millions of dollars to the hospital as a state of Indiana through Kiwanis over the years. Our current state goal is about $1 million to raise money for Diabetes research there. It's called the "Path to a Cure," initiative. Throughout the years the Indiana District (which means the entire state of IN) has conducted numerous successful campaigns to raise funds for such projects as a helipad, pediatric trauma center, mobile intensive care unit, renovations in the surgical units and, most recently, $1 million for the Simon Family Tower. Our John Chapman Kiwanis Club donates year in and year out for these causes from our large fundraisers. We also do an additional Riley Raffle ticket sale to raise funds.
SCAN (Shaken Baby Syndrome) This is another large cause for our club. We have raised money and donated to them for years now. We support their Shaken Baby Syndrome efforts.
Vincent Village For the first time, this year we have decided to cook and serve a full dinner for the families and children of the Vincent Village shelter. As of right now, there are sixty people houses in the shelter. Our club wants to provide these families with a nice home cooked dinner to fill their bellies and keep them warm during the winter season for FREE.
American Red Cross This year, our club provided blankets for the Red Cross's annual HOPE fundraising breakfast. These blankets and some other items were shown to donors so they could see everything that goes into responding to a local disaster (such as a house fire). One blanket can turn heartbreak into hope when someone has just lost their cherished home to a house fire. Because of our efforts, the Red Cross raised over $15,000 at the fundraising breakfast.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters While many of our members are already volunteers of this organization and have their own "little's," we still contribute to their cause. Currently, we are in talks with BBBS to plan out some sort of creative project with them. In the past we've done a skating party for the kids.
Woodburn Christian Children's Home For many years now our club has provided a stipend for young adults once they "age-out" of the program at Woodburn. This stipend provides them some starting spending money to get them on their feet and into the world.
Boy Scouts of America Our club donates to the Boy Scouts here in Fort Wayne to develop young males into quality strong leaders.
St. Mary's, St. Jude's, and New Jerusalem Church Send in the turkeys! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, our club purchases full dinners and hygienic supplies for families during the holidays that otherwise would have nothing.
Charis House This year our club purchased winter garments for families connected with Charis House. The bundle included mittens, hats, winter coats, and other clothing items. Kiwanis doesn't allow frostbite.
Little River Wetlands Starting in 2010, our club began to support this new program to help protect the marshes around the Wabash River. We are also looking into new ways of further volunteering our time with this project.
Audiences Unlimited With a cast of often crazy (make that "unique") members with musical talent, our club contributes to providing special audiences with exposure to the local arts community.
Broadway Christian Church This year our club is donating to Broadway Christian Church, we are still unsure of the details behind this cause.
Kiwanis One Day One day each April, Kiwanis as an international organization gets together to serve their community with all the branches of the Kiwanis family. This year, the John Chapman Kiwanis Club is joining together with the IPFW Circle K Club, Concordia Lutheran Key Club, Canterbury Key Club, and Johnny Appleseed Aktion Club for one day of service for the Little River Wetlands Project. We will be heading over to Eagle Marsh to plant 1000 trees to improve our environment and community!

Johnny Appleseed Festival Fundraiser Each year, our club holds it's biggest fundraiser of the year at the Johnny Appleseed Festival. We dress up in age-appropriate garb and cook all sorts of delicious food. We specialize in duck meat sandwiches, buffalo jerky, pulled pork sandwiches, hogroast supremes, brats/kraut, and our famous candied porkchops. Helping out at our event are the IPFW Circle K Club and our Key Clubs and it's always a blast!
Canal Days Fundraiser Every year in New Haven, we participate in Canal Days where we cook delicious meals for the fair. Included is our standard menu of: pulled pork, candied porkchops, and brats/kraut, in addition to half chicken meals.

Peanut Sale Fundraiser Rain or shine, our club hands out official Kiwanis peanuts to customers entering and exiting different Walmart, Kroger, and Scott's locations. We hold donation jars in the hopes someone will donate, but we do not require them to. All of the proceeds go directly to Riley Hospital.
Black Pine Animal Sanctuary Tour For the first time, our club is planning a division-wide social to Black Pine to learn about the exotic animals it contains sometime in the spring/summer!
Three Rivers Festival Fundraiser Look out, that taco is on the loose! Our Kiwanis club sells "Walking Tacos" at Three Rivers each year at the IPFW campus.